Thug bodybuilder’s ‘Lamborghini body’ ruined by prison diet of nothing but fish

Bodybuilder and OnlyFans star Yakiboy has lost the "Lamborghini body" he had been building for a street brawl after living off of tuna in prison.

His fishy diet came as the Instagram star spent time behind bars, where he found himself prevented from using the on-site gym.

Yakiboy, real name Hossein Balapour, 29, was arrested over his alleged involvement in a wild street brawl with former friend and trainer Marven Yacoub.

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Appearing at NSW Supreme court, Balapour, who had entered pleas of not guilty to charges of affray and one of possessing an offensive weapon back in February, was told by a judge he should be careful not to "fly off the handle".

That same judge alleged Yakiboy, the man who boasted a "Lamborghini body", had been dabbling in steroid use and that his previous violent behaviour was due to the hormone compounds.

Judge Richard Weinstein noted the previous conviction Balapour had received for possession of a prescribed restricted substance and said there was "likely to be steroid use, somewhere."

Boasting his muscles and abs on OnlyFans, the 29-year-old appears to have lost some tone and defined muscles after his tuna-based prison diet.

His recent bail appeal appearance confirmed his OnlyFans income would likely supplement the job he had been offered upon release, DailyMail reported.

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Balapour, who has been hired as a Plus Fitness gym sales representative, is likely set to take on clients while on bail.

Judge Weinstein, responding to prosecutor objections about who Balapour might meet in the gym, said: "He is who he is, his place of employment is likely to be a gym."

The 29-year-old had previously been locked out of prison gym after a series of strikes at Parklea prison left Yakiboy and his fellow inmates locked inside of their cells.

His lawyer, Abdullah Reslan, declined to comment on how his client was faring but did note he was eating plenty of "canned tuna", DailyMail reported.

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