Stop using your Sky dish and you’ll get TV plus Netflix for

Sky might have just hiked prices for millions of customers across the UK but the firm is also offering a way to slash those monthly bills thanks to its best Sky deals. Anyone happy to ditch the dish and try a new way of tuning into movies and shows can currently get things for free with this deal even featuring full access to Netflix plus channels such Sky Atlantic, Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

Get Sky TV + Netflix for FREE with Sky Glass

£40 £14 View Deal

For a limited time, get 100 Sky TV channels and Netflix (usually £26 per month) for free when you order any Sky Glass TV. Available in 43-, 55-, or 65-inch panel sizes and five colours

FREE delivery | Screen size: 43, 55, and 65-inch available | Set-up costs: £10

The offer is available to those switching over to Sky Glass with this connected telly using your broadband to beam content to the big screen rather than a satellite signal.

Sky says that those making the move before Wednesday, April 5, will only pay the monthly price for the TV and not things to watch on it. That means prices start from as little as £14 per month for Sky’s 43-inch Glass screen.

55-inch (£19) and 65-inch (£24) Glass models are also available if you want something bigger in your living room.


Sky introduce new streaming TV 'Sky Glass' in 2021

Of course, like all things in life, there is one catch as you won’t get the freebies forever.

Sky has confirmed that the deal only lasts for the first three months of the contract before rising to the standard price.

Those opting for an 18-month contract will then pay £40 per month once the initial period ends (£14 for Sky Glass plus £26 for content).

Anyone not wanting to sign up for that length of time can opt for a 31-day rolling deal which costs £43.

As a quick reminder, Sky Glass features everything you need to watch telly without needing additional set-top boxes or a dish. There’s even an in-built soundbar tucked under the screen and although it doesn’t feature an internal hard disk recordings can be made via online cloud services and catch-up players.

Full voice controls allow you to find content without flicking through endless menus and there’s a new remote which now features backlit keys which glow when it gets dark.

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If this deal still sounds too expensive then there is another trick to try if you have dish drilling into your walls.

Freesat has just announced an offer that reduces its set-top box to under £200. Although that sounds expensive, once the money is paid there are no extra monthly fees to pay with users able to view over 170 channels for free.

Considering most Sky contracts cost around £30 – £40 per month it won’t take long to see a significant saving.

The only issue with Freesat is that you can’t watch premium content such as Sky Sports or Cinema via the platform.

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