Italy bans English words with £100k fines for mispronouncing ‘bruschetta’

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    Furious Italian politicians are demanding their bemused citizens stop using English words and pronounce bruschetta properly

    Italy plans to ban the use of English words in revenge for Brexit, just like France.

    Anyone who uses UK lingo in official Italian communications could face a fine of up to €100,000 under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party.

    The use of terms such as “deadline” and “briefing” would be banned – or face a fine.

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    And instead of the English word “dispenser”, Rome would order officials to use “dispensatore di liquido igienizzante per le mani”.

    The English pronunciation of “bru-shetta” instead of the Italian “bru-sketta” would be a punishable offence under new laws.

    While the legislation restricts the use of all foreign languages it is particularly designed to drive out so-called “Anglomania”.

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    Experts reckon there are around 9,000 English terms among the 800,000 words that make up the Italian language. There has also been a 773% rise in the use of English in the Italian language since 2000.

    English words are banned by the French every year, with recent offenders including “deadline”, “hashtag” and, last year, “eSports”.


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