OnlyFans star who wanted to batter mate shows off huge Lord of The Rings Lego

OnlyFans star Beth Fiit has posed with her enormous Lego model set of a well-known Lord of The Rings castle.

Beth, who once said she wanted to smash her mate Alexia Grace’s face in for copying her content, posed with the huge set for an Instagram question and answer session.

With a smile on her face, Beth posted an image of herself holding the big box containing a complete Rivendell set, the famous home of the elves in the fantasy saga.

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A fan of Beth asked: “How are you enjoying Rivendell? Would you recommend?”

Beth replied to the question, saying: “Sooo much fun! It’s taken me two days to complete three-quarters of the build.”

Beth, who has often posted images of herself wearing skimpy outfits finished off with elf ears, posted the image moments after a video of the set.

She grabbed an up-close video of the 6761-piece set while Sebastien Van Der Rohne’s Lord of The Rings played in the background.

She captioned the video saying: “It’s coming along”.

Complete with famous Elves from the series, the model even features a miniature of Gandalf the Grey.

With a large tower and a fully open castle inside, the incredible set features a main citadel structure as well as open land surrounding it with mystical trees.

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Available for £429.99 from the official Lego store the set comes with 15 miniatures and is featured as one of the largest Lego sets ever made.

This puts it in great company with the likes of Hogwarts, huge-scale Star Wars ships, Real Madrid’s home ground the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Taj Mahal which all also populate the largest 10 models list.

Beth is no stranger to posing with various models and toys and even has multiple pieces of Kirby wall art.

She has also done a number of posts where she’s cosplayed as all kinds of fictional beings and beloved characters, including Samus and a nymph.

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