Woman turns to hair straighteners in ‘genius’ wine cork tip

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Many of us enjoy a glass of wine in the evening to help unwind from a stressful day, or as part of a meal.

There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you need a corkscrew to open the bottle and not having one on hand. However, one social media user seems to have found a rather unique solution.

User @6ix.food caused a stir after posting a video of herself on Instagram, using a hair straightener to get the cork out of a wine bottle.

In the video – captioned: “Y’all might want to save this video for the weekend” – she can be seen pressing the neck of the wine bottle between the straightener tongs, heating the glass until the cork appears to rise up and pop out of the bottle by itself.

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Of course, many people were quick to express their surprise, with some deeming the hack as ‘cool’ and ‘ingenious’.

“How’d anyone ever come up with that!” wrote one user. “Lol! Cool that it works tho.”

“New one to try,” posted a second.

“I did something similar when my cork broke on me,” added someone else. “A Bic lighter and a pair of channel locks and then cork came out with ease.”

Another comment read: “Feel like this trick would come in handy someday.”

However, some people weren’t as convinced. Some social media users felt that the technique could be potentially dangerous to use. As one person explained: “That’s a little dangerous IMO. The bottle could explode near your body or eyes. I would never do it.”

“I’m not sure of this…” shared a second user.

Whilst this method appears to be a potentially handy trick for some, we’d advise sticking to a regular, good old-fashioned corkscrew where possible in the future.

What do you think? Have you ever tried to remove a cork like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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