Dog left looking ‘like Sid from Ice Age’ after PetSmart grooming

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The owner shared a before and after photo of the dog on Twitter.

He wrote: “Count your f****** days PetSmart.” The tweet has gone viral with more than 500,000 likes, 90,000 retweets, and hundreds of responses.

One user wrote: “Imagine dropping off your furbaby for a groom only to later pick up Sid from Ice Age! Lord, forgive me for laughing so hard I started wheezing.”

Another joked: “Me going out Friday night vs me waking up Saturday morning.” A third user replied: “I think about deleting Twitter all the time and these are the reasons I don’t.”

Other users speculated about who the dog now resembles. Comparisons were made with Frank from Shameless and the chicken from Moana.

However, a few Twitter users defended the groomer’s handiwork. One person replied: “The only reason why a groomer would shave them that short would be because you didn’t brush them.”

Another user replied: “Customers like you are why a lot of private shops are just straight up not accepting doodles anymore. People don’t take care of them properly and then plaster pictures like this on the internet blaming the groomer.”

PetSmart has been approached for comment. 

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