Russian state TV channel claims Brits are starving and ‘forced to eat squirrels’

A state TV channel in Russia has made the staggering claim this week that Britons are being forced to eat squirrels.

The UK is apparently running low so low on cash as a result of its funding for war-stricken Ukraine, that we're all turning to roadkill rodents.

The shocking claims come from Olga Skabeyeva, who hosts the talk show '60 minutes'.

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In the latest instalment of the show, she said that British restaurants had started "serving squirrels" because of a "food shortage".

Miss Skabeyeva is known to be one of the country's most outspoken supporters, often peddling government propaganda.

But, as crazy as eating squirrels may sound, Three Atop, a woodland management company has actually recommended that people across the country start eating them as a way of controlling the squirrel population.

The company's head of conservation, Kerry Hosegood leapt to the defence of her employers saying in the Times that "it's not controversial to eat them".

Miss Skabeyeva said: "Today it was revealed that some restaurants in once-Great Britain will be serving squirrels.

"In view of the fact that there are plenty of animals in the parks, so why not eat them, bearing in mind the food shortage.

"They are not backing down from the decision to help Zelenskyy, to supply weapons. That is, they will eat squirrels, but still supply howitzers."

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine over a year ago the UK has been one of the country's strong supporters, with president Zelensky recently accepting an invitation to visit the country, where he made an impassioned speech in parliament.

The UK's military-based aid for Ukraine stood at £2.2billion in February 2023, in addition to training and humanitarian support.


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