Patient loses two inches off his crooked penis after ‘irreversible’ surgery

A patient demanded a £60,000 payment when an op left his crooked penis 2.36in shorter.

The man also claimed he can no longer have sex, saying that even getting an erection is painful.

In his compensation lawsuit the unnamed fella reckoned he was a victim of negligent care because no-one warned him of the risks involved in the surgery.

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The patient had the op at the Cartagena hospital in Spain and said the situation was “a real ordeal”.

He also said medics at the La Fe hospital in Valencia told him the problem was “irreversible”.

But the Legal Council of the Region of Murcia has reportedly rejected his claim against Murcian Health Service, saying doctors at the Cartagena hospital told the patient about the possibility that surgery could result in him having a shorter penis.

It is not clear if the man will appeal.

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