Inside man’s airplane ‘dream home’ with VR lounge, veg farm, and life-size chess

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    A man who has spent the last 11 years living in an old aeroplane says he wants to inspire people to live their dreams.

    Joe Axline, a trained pilot, first decided to convert two retired aeroplanes into his home following his divorce in 2011.

    As part of what he called 'Project Freedom', he put $250,000 worth of savings into buying a plot of land on a privately owned airport in Brookshire, Texas.

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    While there were restrictions on putting a mobile home or a caravan on the land, there were no rules against putting an aeroplane there. So Joe decided to buy two aeroplanes.

    Joe picked up a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Spirit Airlines plane without wings at an auction. It came complete with its original 1970s fittings, chairs, life vests and even oxygen masks.

    It took Joe so long to transport the plane that he decided to buy another one 'in the meantime', picking up the fuselage of a McDonnell Douglas MD-80.

    He built some concrete foundations for the planes before shipping them to the land he bought. After that, he trained himself how to DIY renovations by watching YouTube videos.

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    With the help of his brother, an electrician, Joe gutted the MD-80 and installed sewage, water, lighting, and insulation to make it livable. He says that the purpose of living on a plane 'is to inspire people to live their dream life'.

    The MD-80 is now an incredibly cosy-looking home with three beds, wood-effect flooring, a kitchen, and some of the plane's original fixtures such as overhead bins and passenger windows.

    Joe told Business Insider: "I don't care if it goes up in value or goes down—doesn't matter to me. I will live here until the day I die."

    Recently, he even extended the plane's patio with an additional 20-feet of concrete so that he can grow more hydroponic vegetables next to his life-sized chess set.

    Joe has already started growing tilapia and avocado as well as other food, but ultimately wants to produce lots of his own veg including onions, broccoli, tomatoes, and cabbage—in what could be the world's first vegetable farm aboard a plane.

    It seems that Joe isn't the only one in his family who likes to have an unusual living arrangement. Joe told the Daily Star that one of his brothers had an underground house while the other lives in a series of interconnected domes.

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    With all this going on, it's clear that 'Project Freedom' is about much more than just cheap living space. Joe's website is all about encouraging people to follow their dreams.

    There he tells the story about how he was inspired as a kid by a TV show called The Magician where the main character lived on a plane. He ultimately decided to train as a pilot and even tried to redesign the 'Skycycle' in his 40s.

    In this way, living in a plane is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams for Joe.

    "It's not the airplane, it's the dream," he told the Daily Star. "That's the angle. Be James Bond with your life to the max."

    You can keep up-to-date with Joe's progress on his dream home by checking out his website.


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