Odd vampire cat ‘is hybrid of a bat and a panther’ but is ‘calm and cuddly’

Despite their vampire like looks, which some say are like a mix of a bat and a panther, the Oriental Shorthair cat is "calm and cuddly."

Tuomas Ikonen, an illustrator from Lemi, Finland, is the proud owner of three Oriental Shorthairs, a rather striking breed of moggy.

But Tuomas says his three cats Hugo, Toivo, and Hannu are as gentle as they come.

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Toivo gets the most attention, Tuomas says.

"He looks like a panther and bat hybrid, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Our daughter carries him around the house.”

Hugo meanwhile is even more zen, and loves food and sleeping in front of the fireplace.

"He doesn’t play as much as when he was younger, but sometimes participates when the youngsters are rampaging around. He likes to sit in front of the window and watch birds and squirrels," Tuomas says

"Toivo loves to play with his mouse, and usually drops it in their own water cup or our drinking glasses. He also likes to watch bird videos from YouTube.

"Hannu likes to play fetch with his toys. He steals our daughters plush toys when she isn’t looking and wrestles with them. He also loves eating."

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The trio of tabbies makeup popular Instagram account 'Meowrientals' which has almost 20,000 followers thanks to its candid snaps capturing a day in the life of a house cat.

Orientals shorthairs are social, intelligent, and vocal but far from the bloodsucking predators that their look might suggest.

They remain playful into adulthood, with many even enjoying playing fetch, and are closely related to the Siamese cat.

Tuomas says: "They want to participate in everything: they follow us everywhere, they watch closely when we cook, and they sleep in our bed. If someone sits down on a couch, at least one of them comes to sit down in our lap in a heartbeat."

The cats descend originally from Thailand, but this specific breed was developed in the US by New York area cat breeders who were intrigued by lynx pattern seen on Siamese cats.

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