ITVX brings more content to your TV but only if you’re prepared to pay

The ITVX service is getting a blockbuster upgrade with the new streaming platform joining forces with STUDIOCANAL to bring extra content to TVs across the UK. This joint partnership will see over 400 films being added to the ITVX catalogue including top titles such as Paddington, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Imitation Game and Apocalypse Now. All can be watched on-demand and advert free – it’s a nice boost but it does come at a cost.

That’s because it will only be available to those who subscribe to the Premium version of ITVX.

For those not aware, ITV’s streaming service offers a standard option which is totally free to watch and includes over 10,000 hours of shows and movies. There is also exclusive content available via the platform which is shown before it arrives on terrestrial telly.

Although the free version is pretty comprehensive it doesn’t unlock all content and viewers are forced to watch adverts during their binges.

Those who pay the £5.99 Premium monthly fee can get rid of those annoying sponsored messages and also watch content from the popular Britbox platform along with the extra boost from STUDIOCANAL.

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Another bonus of going Premium is that it offers the option to download shows on mobile devices which can then be watched on the move without needing an internet connection.

Speaking about the changes, ITV’s Director of Content Partnerships, Streaming, Laura Franses said: ‘We are thrilled to announce our partnership with STUDIOCANAL PRESENTS.

“This fantastic collection of films and television series is the perfect addition to ITVX Premium, where subscribers can browse quality content ad-free to their hearts’ content.’

Along with this STUDIOCANAL update, there’s another ITVX upgrade that will please Sky customers.

Until recently, the ITVX app wasn’t available on Sky Q with only those using Sky Glass and Sky Stream getting access.

Luckily, that’s now changed with all Q users able to access ITVX right from the home screen.

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