Real-life ‘Black Mirror’ gadget lets you relive your memories in virtual reality

If you're prone to forgetting where you left your keys, you're in luck.

A new app promises to let you record memories on a smartphone and then relive them in virtual reality, just like in Black Mirror.

One episode from the dystopian Netflix series showed a future where people could access their memories through an implant that records everything they see and do—with deadly consequences.

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Now tech startup Wist has released an app which lets you do just that, by recording memories in 360-degrees and allowing you to relive them through a virtual reality headset.

The app is called Vivid and it's already available to iPhone users in a beta version. It's designed to pair up with the Oculus Quest VR headset so that people can enjoy a fully immersive clip of their treasured moments.

Andrew McHugh, founder of Wist, outlined his vision in a 2021 blog post: "The right combination of this new tech can allow us to capture spatial moments in time that you can step back into.

"And the right design and engineering can make this as easy as capturing a video. We can make a pensieve real," he added, referring to a magical bowl in the Harry Potter series which lets people see each other's memories.

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The app currently has a waiting list, which you can apply for here.

It promises to be easy-to-use, saying that it is 'just like taking a regular video' and that the app captures 3D information about the world using special sensors on newer smartphones.

Early footage of the app shows that it's still very much in development, with videos appearing glitchy and out of focus.

The creators behind the app hope to add 'multiplayer' features which would allow you to bring friends and family into a memory.


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