Handy iPhone picture feature means you’ll never have to edit your photos again

If there's one thing Instagram is good for, it's making your photos and videos look better.

That's because Instagram has tons of built-in image filters which let you put your own visual twist on your posts.

But Apple has quietly been working to improve its own iPhone camera app, and is now at the stage where every iPhone has a ton of great built-in image filters.

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Introduced with the iPhone 13 and the third-gen iPhone SE, the filters are called 'Photographic Styles' and can be applied to all your images—and at a sharper image resolution than on Instagram.

Photographic Styles are Apple's answer to Instagram filters. These simple settings are built into your iPhone's camera app and allow you to quickly personalise your photos.

There are four presets included, namely Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm or Cool, but these can all be fully customised and tuned using the built-in Tone and Warmth settings.

To ensure consistency, you can even set it as your preferred style so that it automatically applies to any photos taken with your iPhone.

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To choose your Photographic Style, you can simply pick an option from the popup window that appears the first time you open the updated app.

If you missed this the first time however, there is still a way to alter your iPhone camera's Photographic Style.

You just have to open the Camera app, tap the 'up' arrow, then hit Photographic Styles. Then you just have to swipe left to view the other presets. You can either select one as is, or tap 'customise' to adjust the tone and warmth of an image.


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