Devil worshippers ‘go woke’ to lure members with ‘Big Satanic Bake Off’ contest

Britain's Satanists have gone woke to lure more members, with inclusive merchandise and family-friendly Bake Off-style contests.

The UK sect of one of the world’s most famous satanic groups, The Satanic Temple, wants to appeal to a fresh generation of recruits.

It has rebranded itself with a new family-friendly crow logo, supports LGBTQ+ rights and is flogging merchandise including plus-size T-shirts to avoid offending larger folk who want to order them.

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But one the most surprising moves in the devil worshipping sect’s rebrand was hosting its recent ‘The Big Satanic Bake Off’ content.

Applicants were invited to send an image and description of their creations to an online address.

The prize for winners included a Satanic Temple certificate and stationery emblazoned with the Pride flag.

One of the badges says: “Just your friendly neighbourhood Satanist” – while another reads: “Hail Satan”.

The Satanic Temple UK announced on a members’ forum alongside a picture of the winners’ package: “Our recent competition ‘The Big Satanic Bake Off’ was a great success!

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“He (the devil) had so many interesting entries and it was hard to pick our favourites! The winners just received their certificates and prizes in the post and they are all very happy Satanists!”

The group has also ditched its frightening long-standing logo of pagan idol Baphomet for a friendlier image of a black crow, released this month.

The design has been turned into T-shirts in a huge variety of sizes.

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One member, Yorkshireman Neil Currie, said he joined TST as he was gay and liked their liberal attitude.

He added about finding a “new family” among satanists: “Hail Satan, my name is Neil… I very quickly found I was making a new family, one that accepted everyone as they were, through upholding the Tenets my person was accepted without question.

“There was no expectation for me to have to change to fit in, I simply am, what I am. And, my experience, is these are not just words, we have had some amazing discussions on such varied and wide-ranging topic, not all about LGBTQ by any means.”

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