Freesat glitch frustrates TV users but Freeview is unaffected for now

Freesat users might want to consider switching over to Freeview for the next few days with customers of this hugely popular satellite service suffering from an annoying programme guide glitch. It seems that a bug has caused a number of channel listings to disappear from the TV planner with nothing showing after Sunday, November 25. That basically means future recordings can’t be set and there’s no way to see shows, movies and series that will be broadcast over the coming week.

The problems are affecting a number of Channel 4 services including Channel 4 HD, More4, E4 and Film4.

Freesat users have now taken to social media to complain about the missing listings with one customer called Wayne, saying: “Hi Guys. I have just noticed that the EPG on my Freesat box doesn’t have any listings from early Saturday 25/02 for channel 4, E4, More4 and the +1 versions.” and another named Colin added: “@freesat_tv Why are all Channel 4 TV listings blank from 7am on Saturday 26th Feb?”

There’s currently no word on when a normal service will be resumed although Freesat has confirmed that it is working on a fix.

Freeview introduce their new Play streaming service in 2021

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“We’re aware of an issue affecting some Freesat Channels resulting in missing guide information after 25th February. We are currently working to get a fix in place for this and will update as more information becomes available.”

It’s worth noting that these gremlins are only affecting Freesat and not Freeview which is good news for millions of homes that use this rival telly-viewing service.

If you weren’t already aware, these two platforms joined forces back in 2021 with both now owned by Everyone TV. Although they are part of the same group they do use different methods to beam content into living rooms.

As the name suggests, Freesat uses a satellite dish stuck to walls to get its signal into homes whereas Freeview enters via a standard aerial.

There are a few advantages to Freesat over Freeview, most notably, that the service uses the additional capacity afforded when broadcasting via satellite to offer a selection of 24 high-definition channels, including those from BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Discovery Networks, France 24, Paramount Network, Bloomberg, RT UK and TRT World.

If your Freesat box is missing Channel listings then you are not alone. Hopefully, a full service will be resumed shortly.


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