Robots to do almost ’40 percent of household chores’ by 2033

Robots will do more than a third of household chores in the next decade, say experts. They are unlikely to be changing nappies any time soon. 

But 39 percent of time spent on unpaid domestic work could be automated by 2033, according to a survey.

Some 29 British male and female tech experts and 36 from Japan assessed the easiest for AI was grocery shopping (59 percent).

This was followed by other retail, using services, cleaning and dishwashing.

Further down the list were ironing, laundry, teaching a child and gardening. The hardest was physical childcare (21 percent).

Professor Ekaterina Hertog, at Oxford University, said: “It could free up additional hours from people’s lives for paid work and leisure, especially for women.

“It could reduce the demand for domestic and care workers in ageing societies like the UK and especially Japan.”

However, she said “that the potentials appear significantly stronger in housework than in care work, especially adult care”.

The UK specialists believed automation might replace more domestic labour (42 percent) than Japanese counterparts (36).

The study, in PLOS ONE, also found UK male experts tended to be more optimistic on home automation than female peers.

Adults now spend the equivalent of 43 percent of all their work and study time on domestic chores.

Women still do twice as much as men.

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