Classic kids books rewritten to remove ‘fat’ jibes as publishers defend changes

All-time classic children's novels by Roald Dahl, such as Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, have been edited to remove terms deemed 'too offensive'.

Puffin Publishing have updated childhood favourites like James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and The BFG.

They've even made the iconic Oompa Loompas 'gender neutral'.

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Puffin brought in sensitivity readers to alter the writer's wording in the UK editions of his books.

As per, they claim they want to ensure his work: "can continue to be enjoyed by all today”.

The Telegraph have revealed that Augustus Gloop, the chubby German child, who falls foul to the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory, is now referred to as 'enormous', not 'fat'. In addition, Mr Twit, from The Twits, is described as 'beastly' as opposed to 'ugly and beastly'.

Furthermore, they've changed several characters from 'James and the Giant Peach'. Miss Sponge is no longer the 'fat one', Miss Spider no longer has a black head and Earthworm has traded his 'lovely pink skin' in favour of 'lovely smooth skin'.

In one of the national treasure's most popular books, The Witches, a section noting that witches are bald under their wigs, includes an extra line that reads: "There are plenty of other reasons why women might wear wigs, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.”

As per Fox News, they've also disposed of the 'fat little mouse' and brought in 'little brown mouse', plus a section that previously said: “‘Here’s your little boy,’ she said. ‘He needs to go on a diet", now reads: “Here’s your little boy."

In Matilda, Mrs Trunchball has lost her 'great horsey face', and the 'eight nutty little idiots' are just 'eight nutty little boys'.

The copyright page of the updated editions reads: “The wonderful words of Roald Dahl can transport you to different worlds and introduce you to the most marvellous characters. This book was written many years ago, and so we regularly review the language to ensure that it can continue to be enjoyed by all today”.

The changes have triggered huge backlash from the public, who are frustrated with the decision.

Novelist, Salman Rushdie, tweeted: "Roald Dahl was no angel, but this is absurd censorship. Puffin Books and the Dahl estate should be ashamed."

While 'self-appointed' social commentator, Leilani Dowding added: "I need to go and buy all his old books. I loved Roald Dahl. Hundreds of changes are being made to cater for snowflakes."

Another concerned user wrote: "So 'they' are re-writing Roald Dahl, taking out fat people, ugly people and idiots. It shouldn't need to be said it's unethical to re-write an author. Soon we will have a literature that simply reflects the insecurities of the self-styled censors. and that's not a literature."


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