OnlyFans’ Astrid Wett says new Prime tastes ‘better than c***’ in cheeky clip

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has shared a hilarious unboxing of a Prime water flavour on her TikTok.

The model was sent a PR package ahead of the release which included a 12-pack of the new flavour and a T-shirt embellished with the design and logo.

Posting the clip to her nearly 854K followers on the video platform, she tried out the new flavour on camera – raving it "tastes better than c***".

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In the clip, she wrote "I got sent more Prime", while in the caption she added the new flavour is out now.

She said: “Guys, JJ [KSI] has sent me his brand new own edition of Prime which I am so excited to try because I have heard it is the best one yet so let's open the box”.

Astrid proceeds to pull out a T-shirt embellished with the Prime logo. Inside the box is a 12-pack of PRIME water – each bottle featuring the same design as the shirt.

She continued: “I am so excited to try this, you guys don’t understand. Oh my god, that definitely tastes better than c…

“I have so much PRIME, against a massive thank you to JJ and Logan, honestly this is incredible. I’m probably not going to drink all of this myself so stay tuned if you want a little giveaway of Prime”.

She ended the clip by kissing a cardboard cut out of KSI.

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"Tastes better than what now?" joked a fan.

One person commented: “KSI simping”.

But another argued: “I doubt KSI sent u this it’ll be the representatives for prime haha”

“The Cardboard Cutout of KSI tho he really lives rent-free in her head” said a third.

More fans began to tag KSI in the comments asking him to confirm the truth.

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Last week the Daily Star reported how the model turned boxer released some suggestive Valentine's Day snaps, sparking speculation over a KSI love interest.

She posed in lacy underwear along with the caption “Need a valentines?”.

In the third picture, she placed a bottle of Prime, the energy drink released by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, between her legs.

One user commented: "KSI she really wants your babies bro," while another wrote: "You actually have the biggest crush on KSI on god."

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