‘Loneliest house in the world’ has been abandoned for nearly 100 years

Abandoned for almost 100 years, a remote home riddled with mystery has been dubbed the world’s loneliest house.

The tiny white house sits on the side of a green hill on Elliðaey – a tiny island south of Iceland.

A large puffin population, and sheer, rugged cliffs have given Elliðaey a reputation of being hostile to humans but that didn't stop one brave soul deciding it was the perfect location for a home.

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A grand white cabin overlooks a sudden sharp drop off in the land with absolutely nothing but grass, animals and sea for company.

But it wasn't always so lonely.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the scenic site was home to a handful of families.

However, by the 1930s, the few remaining residents upped sticks and moved to the mainland in search of a better life.

Now the remote island has been completely deserted and the lonely house has sparked a number of ghastly speculation.

One rumour boldly claims the house was built by a billionaire who planned to move to the remote island in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Others have suggested that a religious hermit may be living there.

Another popular theory, which was comprehensively debunked, was that the Icelandic government gifted the island to famous singer Bjork.

Tour companies offer day trips to Elliðaey for tourists who want to explore its natural environment.

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One YouTube video recorded a group travelling to the island by boat and exploring the infamous property.

In the video, it shows them having to drive right up to the rocks and clamber onto the island, tying themselves to the sheer cliff face before their ascent.

They travel to the smaller storage property before going onto the lodge which has a wood burner, gas cooker and modern fittings and furniture – suggesting someone’s been there more recently.

There’s even a barbecue with a stunning view of the Icelandic waters.

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