What is Project Montauk and why aliens, time travel and the US could be involved

Social media has been running wild with conspiracy theories for the last week or so with some involving a fictional book, ever since the United States declared it shot down a mysterious object over a lake.

Project Montauk is believed to be a work of fiction but its writer claims the time-travelling and human testing tales have truth to them, fuelling conspiracy theorists after UFOs were shot down.

The object shot down on Sunday (February 12) was the third strange object in the sky shot down in the past few days, with even top ranking intelligence officials stumped as to what they could be.

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A conversation heard between the pilots hurtling through the air reveals their confusion.

One is heard saying: "I wouldn’t really call it a balloon… I don’t know what… I can see it outside with my eyes."

Military officials later described the object as an "octagonal structure”, but the pilot called it a “container”.

The lack of clarity as to what it is has sent users of sites such as Twitter and Reddit into meltdown, and flooded them with conspiracy theories.

And one of those centres around Project Montauk.

The bizarre theory, which involves time travel, teleportation, mind control, contact with extraterrestrial life, and staging faked Apollo Moon landings, first came to national attention in the 1990s via Preston Nicholls.

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The writer produced a book called The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time and told of time travel experiments taking place at the Camp Hero, which is found at the Montauk Air Force Base in Long Island, New York.

The book claimed that experiments were conducted to do with teleportation, mind-control contacting aliens through a “time tunnel”, and injecting humans with a special serum in order to make Metahumans – similar to comic book heroes and some villains.

It was thought that the book was fiction, however, the site is real, and the author claimed he was periodically abducted and experimented on.

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He also claimed that his memories were repressed.

The influence of this project allegedly continues to this day with rumours around an old radar tower in the US.

According to Road Trippers: “At the epicentre of the conspiracies surrounding Camp Hero is the Cold War-era SAGE radar tower.

“The imposing structure was once a mother station to a series of smaller, manned radar towers located in the ocean along the East Coast.

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“This network of towers is said to have afforded the U.S. government an extra 30 minutes of warning time in the event of an incoming Soviet nuclear attack.”

And a local is quoted as saying: “Every 12 seconds the radar tower would rotate and there would be animals freaking out and people getting headaches and bad dreams, and you know people’s electronic equipment would go haywire.”

The entire project has never been commented on by United States officials – for obvious reasons – and it is thought that it was the original inspiration for Netflix hit Stranger Things, with “Montauk” supposedly being the original working title.

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