Experts explain why ‘octagonal’ might not be true shape of Lake Huron UFO

Several unidentified flying objects have been shot down in the last two weeks but it is one octagonal-shaped craft blasted by the United States air force that has caught the attention.

Following reports of its shape, experts are not wholly convinced that the UFO shot down over Lake Huron is what it seems, and have since suggested a number of possibilities.

Hoaxes, aliens and Chinese weather balloons have all been sounded out, with the fourth object more unusual than the previous three taken down by the United States military.

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Balloon shapes have struck experts as odd, with the first weather balloon a round entity while the octagonal-shaped UFO shot down over Lake Huron is believed by some to be more extraterrestrial than first thought.

If it were a balloon however, the octagonal shape would make sense, with the "structurally efficient" shape lending itself to a number of theories, expert Guy Gratton said.

However, the aviation and environment professor at Cranfield University said the shape might just appear to be "octagonal" do to the distance from the camera.

Speaking to Newsweek, Grattan said it was a "sensible shape" that keeps the "amount of material needed relatively low".

But it also means that if it were a craft, it could "rotate" for "any number of reasons".

He continued: "It's also the shape a lot of camera equipment using mechanical aperture mechanisms will tend to show small distant objects.

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"So if a camera using mechanical shuttering is seeing something very distant, it might look to be such a shape—when it actually isn't (although clearly it's still seeing something)."

Janet Bednarek, an aviation historian at the University of Dayton, echoed these thoughts and said that the UFO with an "octagonal" shape would have benefitted due to its "good aerodynamics".

He said: "One thought—an octagonal shaped balloon might look more like a flying saucer—a favourite UFO of yore. If a hoax, such a shape might be easier to build.

"So, at this point, the octagon shaped object could be just about anything—from a spy balloon to a hoax."

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