Galaxy S23 alert! Act now or miss out on a free upgrade from Samsung

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The new Galaxy S23 series will finally arrive in stores later this week and if our full Galaxy S23 Ultra review has got you thinking about making the switch to one of these latest and greatest devices then you might want to consider acting fast. Ever since Samsung announced the launch of its new flagships, the firm has been offering some very enticing Galaxy S23 pre-order deals including the option to get double the storage for free.

Get FREE upgrade to 512GB of storage + Disney Plus subscription + up to £600 off

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Preorders for the all-new Galaxy S23 Ultra are now available, with Samsung upgrading everyone to 512GB of storage (twice the memory found in the entry-level model) at no extra cost. All orders arrive with a six-month subscription to Disney Plus. And you can slash up to £600 off the cost of the S23 Ultra when you trade-in your current phone! 

This deal basically means you can grab the more spacious 256GB Galaxy S23 for the same price as the cheaper 128GB model or switch from the entry-level 256GB Ultra and take delivery of the improved 512GB instead without being hit by the usual higher cost. With this phone featuring the ability to shoot video in 8K, that extra memory could be incredibly useful and should end the nightmare of a full hard disk alert.

It’s a mighty deal but Samsung has confirmed that it only runs until February 16 so there are only hours left until things come to an end.

Here are the storage deals and how much you’ll save

Get FREE upgrade to 256GB of storage + Disney Plus subscription + up to £450 off

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Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S23 are now available. For a limited time, Samsung will pay for your upgrade to the maxed-out model with 256GB of built-in storage. You’ll also get 6 months of Disney Plus for free. If you want to trade in an existing phone, Samsung is offering discounts of up to £450!

Get the 256GB for the price of the 128GB model
PRICE: £849
SAVE: £50

Get the 512GB for the price of the 256GB model
PRICE: £1049
SAVE: £100

Get the 512GB for the price of the 256GB model
PRICE: £1249
SAVE: £150

As well as dishing out free storage, Samsung is also offering up to £600 off a new S23 when handing over an old smartphone. That means you can reduce the cost and make taking delivery of something new feel a little more affordable.

Plus there is free Disney+ for six months and the option to spread the cost over 12 to 36 months without paying any interest. Those choosing this option will find they can grab the S23 for as little as £23.59 per month or the S23 Ultra for just £34.70.

If you missed the launch announcement then here’s a quick roundup of the new features with the Galaxy S23 featuring a more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, refreshed design and a bigger battery. There’s also a triple-lens camera, improved selfie snapper and all the usual upgrades such as wireless charging, 5G and toughed glass for improved durability.

Those opting for the S23 Ultra will find this device now features a quad camera with a 200-megapixel main sensor. This not only shoots pin-sharp images but also improves night photography – there’s even an Astro mode for shots of the stars.

That more premium phone features an inbuilt S Pen plus there’s huge 6.8-inch display and massive 5,000mAh battery tucked under its shell.

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