Bloke’s proof of time travel as King Henry Vlll spotted with ‘Greggs Steak Bake’

A bloke has claimed that King Henry VIII is a time traveller because in a certain painting his shoes look like Steak Bakes from Greggs.

The Twitter user, Luke from Manchester, posted a picture of the former king's portrait and said the pastry-like shoes are evidence that the former monarch is a time traveller, the Mirror reports.

In his tweet, he wrote: "Why do Henry VIII’s shoes look like a Greggs steak bake?”

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The bakery chain was amused at the discovery, writing in response: “Losing our heads over this.”

The tweet has almost 600 retweets and more than 3,000 likes, and left many wondering whether the claims were true, the Mirror reports.

One user cleverly wrote: "ahhh choux pastry"

While another commented: "Because they are, needs to keep those toes warm during winter."

Another commented: "On another note – ciabatta (bread) translates to slipper. This has been going on a long time.

One user debunked the claims he wore steak bakes and said: "Bro that's cheese and onion. Get a grip."

While another user said: "Because, and not many people know this, Henry VIII's feet were delish!!!"

Greggs is the biggest bakery chain in the UK, selling an estimated 1.5million sausage rolls each week – that's 145million every year.

The second Tudor monarch ruled from April 21, 1509, until his death on January 28, 1547.

He was infamous for his six marriages and his removal of the Catholic Church's authority in England.

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