Man charged £3.7k for Starbucks drink has budget blown by ‘button’ mishap

A bloke has had his family budget wiped out by a "sticky button" problem after ordering a coffee from chain coffeehouse Starbucks.

What should have been a quick coffee run for Jesse O'Dell turned into a pricey purchase that wiped out the family budget, with £8 ($10) spiralling into a £3.7k ($4,000) purchase.

One "sticky button" trouble on Starbucks' end led to the mishap, which proved quite the surprise for a family who have been grabbing themselves a coffee from the chain "almost every day for the last 16 years."

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It was not until a few days after the purchase though, when Jesse's wife Deedee was out shopping with her four children, that the Oklahoma, United States-based family realised their budget was gone.

Deedee, who tried the card several times at a store that declined a purchase, said: "I tried it again because I know for a fact I have the money in the account for sure.

"I do it again and again and again until I realize you know what, this is very embarrassing. So I walked out the store and I told them I’ll be right back and I checked my account."

It was there that the "real shock" occurred, when Deedee saw that Starbucks had charged her and Jesse £3,710 ($4,444) for their coffee run a few days prior, FoxNews reported.

Jesse, after contacting the Starbucks district manager, said: "We do give good tips but nothing like that. And from there the real hell started.

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"He told me there was an issue they were having with their network I’m not sure if it’s a localized issue or if it’s a national issue but that’s just what I heard was it was a sticky button issue."

Two cheques from Starbucks, adding up to equal the total owed to the couple, arrived and subsequently bounced when Jesse attempted to cash them.

Jesse and his family have yet to receive any cash from Starbucks a month on from the incident, and the father of four claims he has heard nothing from the coffee chain since they assured him cheques were on the way.

He added that his family lives on around a budget and "when that budget's gone away we just don't know what to do."

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