Nasa recreates the Moon right here on Planet Earth

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Dust and rocks bathe in the weird light cast by the Sun on the surface of the Moon… but it’s not what it seems. Because these lunar craters have been created right here on Planet Earth.

Space agency Nasa has just unveiled an updated lab – with ultra-realistic lighting and terrain that accurately simulate conditions in the Moon’s polar regions.

The two moonscape testbeds, at the Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, are used to study how well science instruments, robots, and people might cope with the conditions 238,855 miles above Earth.

A set of bright, high-power lights simulate the Sun’s low-angle rays. And the moondust is amazingly accurate. Nasa said some particles are “painstakingly” shaped by hand.

But all that hard work could be used by conspiracy theorists. They have long claimed the Apollo Moon Landings of the 1970s never happened and were actually filmed in America.

Now Nasa has revealed its fake Moons, how long before landing deniers make another giant leap?

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