Mr Blobby has head kicked in after decking rivals in mad return to UK wrestling

Television legend Mr Blobby has made a shocking return to the British wrestling scene.

Blobby, who was the tag team partner of Noel Edmonds on pretty much every single television show in the 90s before the latter fled to New Zealand, made a name for itself as the mental pink and yellow spotted giant alien beast who tortured the nightmares of children with his television appearances during that period.

And despite most people assuming the thing from Crinklybottom had long since been forgotten about – after a series of failed UK-based theme parks went up the wall – he has now turned his hand to wrestling, for the second time in six months.

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Having first appeared for House of Pain Wrestling in August, 2022, to keep the peace during a battle between Davey Thompson and Brad Matthews, Blobby made a shock appearance in London for Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling yesterday (Tuesday, January 31).

Blobby was taking part in a 1990s theme Royal Rumble-style match, and shocked the crowd at the Clapham Grand, London as one of the entrants.

Video of the mad moment shows the crowd going wild for Blobby, with another video showing the pink demon being battered by Alexxis Falcon and Man Like Dereiss before launching himself off the ring apron and onto a gaggle of opponents at ringside.

Sadly, that meant he had in fact eliminated himself . . . but his appearance has become the talk of the wrestling world.

Top wrestling Will Ospreay tweeted: “Bruv.

“Mr Blobby was at a Indy show in the U.K. for @RiotCabaret.

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“I’ve never felt more sad that I wasn’t there.”

Charles “Spectacular Tw*t” Crowley, who was in the match with Blobby, wrote: “Today I pump kicked Mr. Blobby and eliminated him from the @RiotCabaret rumble.

“I am an actual God.”

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And Wrestling Memes tweeted: “I can’t believe the actual Mr Blobby wiped me out at an Indy show with an apron dive.”

The company actually confirmed that it was the “Proper Blobby”, after someone questioned them about copyright and usage permissions.

An official spokesman for Mr Blobby told the Daily Star; "Blobby blob blob blobbyblobby blob . . . blob."


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