Desperate Brit fixes broken teeth with £3.99 Amazon plastic and superglue kit

A desperate bloke fixed his own tooth with a kit he bought on Amazon for £3.99 because he can't afford private dentistry treatment.

Yorkshire man Antony Watson, who doesn't have an NHS dentist, fix a damaged crown with the cheap kit, Hull Live reported.

The kit contained a 20g bag of plastic beads that are used to fit the shape of your damaged teeth.

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Mr Watson said: "I picked the best one for me, which was probably one of the cheapest but also one of the easiest ones to do, and I thought 'yup, next day delivery, I'll have that."

Mr Watson added: "You boil a kettle, you put the beads into the water. The beads then go together and go really soft and clear. You then shape it around your tooth and let it cool down. With the size of my tooth, it took five beads."

Mr Watson said he used super glue to secure it in place.

Mr Watson said that he first broke the tooth more than 20 years ago. He had it crowned, but it broke again while he was eating.

Mr Watson's dental repair work appears to be cutting-edge compared to that of another man, Alex Gray. The retired roofer claims to have removed six of his own teeth with pliers after failing to find an NHS dentist.

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Two dental practices have recently closed where he lives, leaving just one. It was not taking on any new patients, leaving those who cannot afford to go private with a problem.

"Teeth don't last forever," said Mr Gray. "I can't be the only one who has to take out their own teeth but what else can I do?"

The retired industrial roofer explained that when a tooth "starts to fall out" he takes painkillers and "waits until it goes numb", before using pliers to extract it.

He told the BBC he had been unable to find an NHS dentist after moving to Lincolnshire six years ago. "I paid my National Insurance all my working life and I can't see a dentist?" he asked.

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