Bigfoot mystery as massive ape-like creature spotted on Google Earth

Loch Ness Monster: Expert thinks ‘giant’ eel could be Nessie

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Big Foot is a mythical bear-like creature believed by some to live in the woods of North America.

The screengrab was posted in a Reddit community dedicated to sightings of the creature.

The caption of the screeshot stated: “Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without gear? Impossible to say for certain but the darker areas of the subject align with the shadows of other objects nearby.

“Measures around 7-7.5 feet. Appears hunched over. Subject does not appear on other satellite images from different years which might imply that subject is mobile or not stationary object.”

Another member of the community said he’d had a creepy feeling once in the area where the creature has been spotted.

They wrote: “I’m actually quite familiar with that general area. I lived in Montrose for 26 years and used to camp and hike on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

“There was one section on that loop hike that sometimes gave me the willies in a vague and undefinable way, and at least one other person I know said the same thing about that area.

“I don’t know about the image, but I do know that the Uncompahgre Plateau is big, rugged, and at least POTENTIALLY squatchy.”

This isn’t the first time a mythical creature has been spotted in the United States, recently photos captured what some thought could be the Loch Ness monster off the coast of North Carolina.

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