AI lawyer won’t defend anyone in court after all as creator receives jail threat

An 'AI lawyer' app which was supposed to make its first real-world court debut next month will now sit things out, following legal threats.

Billed as a way to make legal defence affordable to ordinary people, the 'DoNotPay' app was set to give someone live legal advice and arguments in court in February.

However, the app's creator Joshua Browder has now said that the court case is being postponed—after teams of angry lawyers threatened him with criminal charges.

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Browder said that 'multiple' state bar associations—which regulate lawyers in the US—threatened his company and said he could be imprisoned for six months.

Browder said: "Even if it wouldn't happen, the threat of criminal charges was enough to give it up. The letters have become so frequent that we thought it was just a distraction and that we should move on."

Browder had previously claimed that the AI app would be used by a defendant in a parking ticket court case in February, but did not confirm the location or the identity of the defendant in question.

DoNotPay is billed as an app to help ordinary people 'fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the press of a button'.

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It works by listening to arguments in court then generating counter-arguments for the defendant in real time.

The app then feeds this to the defendant through an earpiece.

In a video, Browder explained the app: "Lawyers are charging hundreds of dollars an hour for copy and pasting a few documents, and our vision at DoNotPay is to make the law free.

"So the average person shouldn't have to worry about paying all this money just to get access to their rights."


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