Snake-bitten Brit rushed to hospital with venom ‘after breaking one simple rule’

A bare-footed British tourist bitten by a snake has been slammed for breaking a cardinal rule in Australia.

Ben and his partner were on holiday in Fraser Island, Queensland when he was attacked by a brown snake, one of the most venomous in Australia.

Ben revealed his horror story on TikTok with locals quick to chime in about his error.

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"Right, so I just got bitten by a venomous snake in Australia. Quick story time for you," he said.

The couple were driving along a beach in a pink four-wheel-drive where they decided to camp overnight.

"We managed to share the camp with a couple of dingoes and a few crabs," Ben said.

Things seemed to be panning out perfectly, until Ben crashed his drone into a tree which was surrounded by long grass.

He then rushed to salvage the drone.

"I had to walk back down through this patch of grass and I stepped on something dark and I felt something hit my ankle," he said.

When he looked down, he saw two puncture wounds on his foot.

"I got back to the truck, saw the fang marks and then it sort of sunk in what had happened. We had no signal," he said.

He bandaged his leg and a passing tourist rushed him down the hill in a car, with footage then capturing Ben getting picked up by a helicopter.

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After his tale did the rounds in social media, Aussie's were quick to impart their wisdom on navigating terrain in the outback.

One said: "From an Aussie: don't walk in the bushes" while another wrote "Bare foot in the towns, boots in the scrub."

There was additional criticism for Ben elevating his leg in the car.

"First thing mate never lift your leg if you're bitten, can rush the poison all over the shop," one user said.

Above all else though, the most common telling of Ben recieved from Aussie's was simply "do not walk bare foot in long grass!"


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