Singer who married ghost on Halloween ‘calls in psychic to save her marriage’

A woman who claims to have married a ghost says she has had to consult a psychic for help after running into relationship troubles with her phantom lover.

Singer-songwriter Brocarde married her ghost lover Edwardo on Halloween after scaring Holly Willoughby live on This Morning.

Brocarde and her spooky husband began couples counselling with a celebrity psychic after Christmas.

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She explained: “Edwardo and I instantly had an intense connection when we met, it was love at first sight but we both have very strong personalities so the first couple of months of married life have been turbulent.

"It got to the point where I couldn’t handle anymore of Edwardo’s drama so I knew it was time that we got help for the sake of our marriage surviving.

"Ever since Edwardo burst into my bedroom and gave me an out of body sexual encounter," Brocarde says, "I’ve always struggled to assert my personal boundaries.

"Bursting into someone’s bedroom in the dead of night in the mortal world is worthy of jail time, but I could hardly call 999 and get a ghost arrested!"

She says that her initial passion has faded in the face of her lover’s habits: “The little things that I initially found intriguing like Edwardo’s spontaneity and him coming and going as he pleases are starting to grate on me, he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s no longer a free spirit, he’s my husband.”

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Brocarde says she told the medium that she often feels “like a passenger” in the relationship and that she and Edwardo struggle with communication.

“Although she didn’t send a message from Edwardo,” Brocarde says, “she could feel that he has a good heart and was very protective of me even though he often behaves poorly.”

“She felt that Edwardo will always be with me now,” she added, “so it is vital we make our relationship work.”

“The Psychic kept pulling the twin flame card. I found this intriguing as it indicates a deep spiritual bond and shows that “the one” is present in your life.”

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“She also said that Edwardo is desperate for us to get a cat," Brocarde says, "and she could see it, it had piercing blue eyes like mine. I found this totally bizarre as I’m not a cat person and I really don’t want one but she insisted that the cat had a spiritual purpose. Personally I’d prefer a dog, but I can’t see Edwardo agreeing to walk it.”

Brocarde also says she ran into difficulty when it came to finding a venue for her marriage to the long-dead Victorian soldier, even being threatened with an exorcism.

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She told ITV’s This Morning: “I think there is a bit of an issue with religion and the after life. Not all priests believe.”

She eventually managed to Asylum Chapel in London, where she says the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Henry VIII turned up to wish the couple well.

Brocarde’s single “Haunted” which she wrote about her relationship with ghost Edwardo is out now.


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