World needs to know why UFOs are obsessed with nukes, says Brit X-Files boffin

The world needs to get to the bottom of why UFOs seem obsessed with nukes, according to a Brit X-Files boffin.

Nick Pope, who spent three years probing reported sightings for the Ministry Of Defence, said many close encounters by US military personnel were nuclear-related.

They happened near nuclear bases, test sites or atomic-powered aircraft carriers and submarines.

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One under investigation is an apparent UFO crash at the White Sands Military Range in New Mexico in 1945 where a month earlier the US had tested the world’s first atomic bomb.

Witnesses – including a B-52 bomber pilot, traffic cop and US Marine – claimed to have seen the wreckage of a large egg-shaped object’ manned by thin, 4ft-tall creatures with big bulgy eyes’ who looked like praying mantises.

Nick told US TV there appeared to be some nuclear link to UFO sightings.

“That seems to be the case,’’ he said. Congress is demanding answers on this.

We had the latest report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence last week that highlighted the fact that there were now several hundred more sightings being investigated, military sightings than we’d heard of before.

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They are talking about unusual flight characteristics and performance parameters of those.

“We must get to the bottom of this UFO and nuclear connection.’’

In other news, US Congressman Tim Burchett says authorities have been hiding the existence of extraterrestrials for centuries.

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The lawmaker is campaigning for all US government files on reported sightings to be declassified as he is convinced America is ready’ for the truth.

Burchett, 58, a Republican from Tennessee, said: "I have been a believer in the phenomena for a long time," he told US TV current affairs show News Nation.

"I’m a Christian. I read my Bible. The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear of a UFO sighting."


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