Fake priest accused of swindling millions from churches to buy ‘premium llamas’

A fake priest is accused of swindling millions from churches and using the funds he stole to buy extravagant items like "premium llamas".

"Cunning" priest Ryan Scott had claimed to be a priest for decades, offering his holy services to baptisms, weddings and confessions.

But former members of his church have since claimed that Father Ryan was actually a grifter, who, upon being rumbled, would simply move to another town and begin his money-making scheme all over again.

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Legal documents provided evidence to show that Ryan "is not now and never has been ordained", but even without a confer of holy orders, Ryan appeared to "impress" people.

For three decades, Ryan is said to have travelled around the Midwest of the United States, preaching and profiting from those who put their faith in him.

Alex Schuman, a podcaster and journalist, dug deeper into the backstory of the alleged conman, claims that Ryan was "not a priest at all".

Speaking of the alleged scam, Schuman, speaking to Vice, said: "Father Ryan did this for about 30 years, travelling the Midwest, opening different churches. It's not like he shows up in town and hides himself.

"People described being really impressed by him. They felt that God was in the room while he was up at the pulpit preaching."

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In one interview clip, Ryan said that his "priesthood had been questioned" but made no documented evidence to show that he was, legally, a priest.

Father Ryan, who was described as "incredibly cunning" by Schuman, was found to have a child "conceived out of wedlock", with Jonathan Brady saying this claim "derails" his credibility.

The so-called father had converted a care centre in Buchanan, which is where he had stored up to 20 Argentine llamas, claiming they would be part of the healing ministry they were building.

After a "short period" of time in prison, it would appear Ryan is now a "retired" priest, updating his Facebook and sending out a link to request "donations" for a church in Portugal.

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