Disturbing details like ‘extra fingers’ show sinister truth behind party snaps

People have been left feeling disturbed after seeing a series of seemingly innocent snaps of partygoers enjoying their night were revealed as AI-generated images.

The longer people stare at the snaps, the more people notice something isn’t quite right, and the more uncomfortable they become.

Midjourney created the images using prompts – the people in them don’t actually exist.

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The artificial intelligence system uses machine learning and a neural network to put together pictures based on the prompts offered to it by humans.

Prompts included simple commands such as "women at a party" to create eerily realistic images, as reports The Sun.

The images have gone viral after they were shared on Twitter by user mileszim.

However, the longer you stare at the images, the more you’ll notice imperfections that give away what they are.

For example, one woman has too many teeth, their skin shines a little too much, and one woman has a necklace that appears to blend into her collarbone.

And person appears to have no upper lip as it blends together with the rest of her mouth. While one woman appears to have six fingers.

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Miles said: “I do not work in AI, I am not an artist, and I have no particular insight into either of those things.

"The best I can do is share the weird sh*t that pops out of them when I try them out."

The tweet has now been viewed nearly 30 million times and has sparked a debate as people dub the images “nightmare fuel”.

"This is the most genuine fear I've felt in a long time," said one user on Twitter.

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Another added: "One of them looks exactly like my friend from university or rather her plastic copy.

"And that's very creepy, also she had similar photos from one of parties."

Others said "I didn’t even notice the extra fingers and teeth" and, "I think I’m gonna have nightmares about this".

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