IKEA shoppers horrified as man walks ‘human dogs with leather masks’ near kids

Customers at an IKEA in Edinburgh were left bemused as a shopper was seen walking two 'human dogs' around the store on leads today (January 15).

The extremely strange moment was caught on camera by a local customer who was with his wife, and the pair were left speechless by what they had just seen.

In the clip, a man can be seen walking two grown men on leather leads around the store, walking past kids and families casually going about their business, reports EdinburghLive.

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One of the human canines was wearing a red costume with a mask to match, along with a black hoodie with printed dog paws.

Oddly though the 'human dogs' didn't seem to provoke a reaction from other shop-goers.

Alan Watson who captured the odd video told Edinburgh Live: "I was just having lunch at around 1pm in IKEA with my wife when I saw the two guys dressed like dogs walking past with their friend or dad."

One theory is that these men are what has come to be known as 'furries', which is a subculture that is characterised by humans displaying non-human characteristics like walking on two legs or wearing clothes.

Although it's not a fandom that has really taken off yet, research by Channel 4 suggests that there are around 10,000 people in the UK who follow the furry lifestyle.

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