Want to read more? Amazon's all-new Kindle is on SALE

Is your new year’s resolution to read more books? Amazon’s all-new Kindle is on SALE – and it’s the lightest and most compact model yet

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Amazon shoppers are calling the All-new Kindle (2022 release) the ‘best kindle yet’, raving about the quality, performance and style. And the best news? It’s currently on sale.

The lightest and most compact Kindle yet, the model boasts a six-inch 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharper text and with double the storage, you can power through your reading list for 2023. 

The All-new Kindle (2022 release) is the lightest and most compact Kindle yet.

Weighing just 158g, it’s easy to carry around with you, and with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images, it reads like paper even in direct sunlight.

A single charge via USB C lasts up to six weeks. 

Holding thousands of e-books, the Kindle (2022) edition is a brilliant way to power through your reading list this year 

Even self-proclaimed ‘technophobes’ have found plenty to love about the All-new Kindle (2022) edition. 

Very light and easy to hold, weighing just 158g, the Kindle is here to power you through your to-read list. 

Plus, with an upgraded high-resolution display, double the storage, USB-C charging, and longer battery life, it’s ideal for commuting, holidays and switching off in the evenings. 

While priced modestly at £74.99, many shoppers have claimed the Kindle (2022) performs better than the Kindle Paperwhite, which at £159.99 is vastly more expensive. 

Both slim and light users love how the Kindle 2022 edition ‘slips into a handbag or pocket easily for transportation’ while praising the built-in adjustable front light.

Better yet, the newly added dark mode feature lets you read comfortably indoors and outdoors, any time of the day. 

The upgraded 300 ppi high-resolution glare-free display provides more than three times as many pixels as the previous generation. Helping you enjoy sharper text and images, the glare-free display reads like printed paper, even in direct sunlight.

Fitting neatly into your handbag or backpack, the Kindle (2022) is easy to bring around with you wherever you like to read. Plus, a single charge via USB C lasts up to six weeks

If you’re looking for an entry-level e-reader without the distractions of messages, e-mails or social media, then the All-new Kindle (2022) is the way to go, according to hundreds of glowing reviews.

One impressed user raved: ‘Kindle 2022 gives me the original Kindle experience in 300ppi, and texts look much sharper and more like paper. 

‘I also love the size and speed of this device. So much so, that I decided to sell my Kindle Oasis – for me this is the best Kindle yet.’

Another agreed, adding how it’s made them ‘enjoy reading again’. They wrote: I absolutely love how the kindle has reintroduced reading into my life. Its easy to use and so adaptable. And love the integration of audible to switch between reading and listening from any page.’

A third penned: ‘Perfect size! Small and compact but has a large storage. I have over 200 books on it and only have filled half the storage! It is comfortable to hold and is very easy to use.’ 

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