Amazon Prime hack can net you free Deliveroo deliveries – if you claim it

Free delivery almost seems too good to be true. But for years, Amazon Prime customers have been able to take advantage of free delivery on their orders as well as a range of other benefits, including Prime Video, for £7.99 a month.

Other internet-based businesses have followed suit, with Deliveroo being one of the most prominent.

For between £3.49 and £7.99 per month, Deliveroo customers can take advantage of free delivery on food deliveries from takeaways, restaurants, and grocery stores.

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But you don't have to fork out for both. Being a member of Amazon Prime actually gives you free access to Deliveroo Plus, meaning you won't have to pay up front for a delivery ever again.

Amazon Prime membership will admittedly only net you free delivery on orders over £25, meaning you get Deliveroo Plus Silver—rather than the premium Gold tier, which gives you free deliveries on everything over £10.

But if you order a takeaway every week or two, it could save you some serious money as all those small charges eventually add up.

How to get free Deliveroo Plus with Amazon Prime

Firstly, make sure you have all your passwords for both Amazon and Deliveroo ready to go, as you're going to need them both.

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Open the Deliveroo app and sign in. Once you're on the app, tap the small 'person' icon in the top right corner of the screen.

At the top of the 'Account' page, you'll see a big banner that says 'Get Plus free with Amazon Prime'.

Tap the link and it'll take you through to the page. Then, click 'Claim with Amazon Prime'.

It'll ask you to sign in with your Amazon account to pair the two, then voila: you've got free takeaway delivery.


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