Bionic ‘exoskeleton’ gives workers superhuman strength – and could save lives

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    Ditch those kettlebells and cancel that gym membership—exoskeletons are finally here, and will help you lift like you've never lifted before.

    Wearable tech company German Bionic has just unveiled its Apogee exoskeleton suit at CES 2023.

    Described as a 'robotic exoskeleton for the workplace', the German Bionic Apogee provides up to 30kg of lifting power to support the wearer's lower back and provide walking assistance.

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    Simply strap it on and begin lifting whatever heavy object is closest to you, whether that's a solid oak coffee table, a door, or your own grandmother.

    The company behind the 'exosuit' believes it will have an 'immediate impact' anywhere that heavy lifting or carrying is concerned, including logistics, construction, and the care sector.

    It should ease the burden for workers who have to do lots of repetitive tasks and even generates data for their bosses to 'increase safety in the workplace'.

    Given some large corporations' approach to workplace safety and conditions, however, these exoskeletons could provide an excuse for bosses to increase worker's output targets or even working hours.

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    Exoskeletons have been the stuff of science fiction for some time, but it appears they're finally here.

    The fictional Star Wars villain Darth Vader famously wore an exoskeleton after suffering severe, life-changing burn injuries at the hands of his former mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    He later used his cyborg strength to construct a dastardly galactic empire and build a colossal Death Star capable of destroying entire planets.

    We all know how that eventually turned out, so should you ever step into one of these exosuits, just be careful. That 30kg of additional body torque could change you permanently—and not for the better.


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