Confused cow rescued twice by police after breaking into shopping centre

Mystery surrounds a cow who had to be rescued twice in 24 hours by fire and rescue experts.

The cow casued chaos in New South Wales, Australia, earlier this week.

It was first found running rampage in a shopping centre in the Caddens area, which saw officials from nearby St Mary's Fire Station attempting to stop it.

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Having enlisted the police for help, they managed to capture the animal and took it to West Sydney University for the night.

However, that plan didn't go well, as the big beast got itself stuck in mud – up to its stomach – on the campus grounds.

The firefighters returned to the brown and white cow once again and have to lasso it with a 38mm wide fire hose and haul the cow from the thick mud pit.

They were helped by crew from the Ropes Crossing Fire Station – because a big cow requires a rather large amount of people to rescue it from a mudpit.

Video of the rescue was uploaded by the fire crew where the cow can be seen getting pulled out, only to fall right back in again.

One member of the crew, sounding rather resigned, said: “It's fallen over . . . again.”

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The final image of the cow, which appears to be surrounded by three police fans, shows it lying on the floor asleep with the hose-turned-rope lying on its neck.

A spokesman said: “The crew, concerned about the cow's exhaustion levels and inability to stand, stayed with the animal until she recovered from the ordeal.”

Details on what happened to the cow after the bizarre incidents have not been revealed by officials.

Despite extensive investigations, nobody was able to find where the cow came from or who its owner was, and its fate currently hangs in the balance.

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