Delete iPhone’s secret diary of everywhere you’ve been, privacy experts warn

Did you know your iPhone might be keeping a secret diary of everywhere you go?

Well, if you're one of the millions of iPhone users who opted in to use the device's Significant Locations tool, that's exactly what it's doing.

Significant Locations keeps a real-time log of your movements in order to gather data on your daily commute, your work address, home address, and other places you frequent over a period of a few months.

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This is so your Maps, Photos, and Calendar apps can provide personalised information to you, such as accurate ETAs for your journey. However, if you're concerned about privacy, it could be a serious worry.

Significant Locations is actually an opt-in feature that you sign up to when you first set up your iPhone, but it's not always immediately clear that this is what you've signed up to when you're keen to get your new phone up and running out of the box.

How to view and delete Significant Locations on iPhone

To view your iPhone's record of Significant Locations—and delete it—you just have to go to your iPhone settings.

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone Home Screen, then go to Privacy > Location Services > System > Services > Significant Locations.

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You'll need to log in with your passcode, Face ID, or your Touch ID in order to view a preview of the locations.

You can tap 'Clear History' to delete all the locations that your iPhone has gathered so far, or even toggle Significant Locations off to disable the feature completely.

However, just be warned that this could mean you'll lose access to major mapping features, such as navigation and ETA for your daily commute from home and to your work address.


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