12 hot New Year’s GIFs you NEED to send at midnight

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    Millions of messages will be beamed around the world at midnight tonight.

    But if you’re bored of the usual “Happy New Year!” then why not give the gift of a GIF.

    These mini moving pictures will add a bit of joy to your midnight message and will hopefully raise a smile from your mates.

    A simple Google search will reveal thousands of fabulous GIFs, but here’s our top 12 to see 2016 in with a bang.

    You can copy and paste all of the images below into a text or post them on Facebook and Twitter – sadly GIFs aren't currently compatible with WhatsApp.



    Find the GIF you want to send and follow the link to GIPHY.com.

    Below the GIF you should now see the message icon.

    TAP+HOLD to copy and paste the GIF into a text or iMessage.

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