Cat receives death threats after winning dogs-only swimming race

A cat has received furious insults and even death threats after the feline was seen swimming in a dogs-only race.

Gus the cat even placed in the dogs-only event that saw the Scotland Island Dog Race scuppered by a feline invader, in what may be the most mundane sequel to Cats & Dogs.

Still, owner of Gus, Glenn Druery, had entered his cat into the race for "a bit of a laugh" but was left with outraged dog racers foaming at the mouth after his pet cat won the contest.

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Taking part in the 550-metre stretch race between Scotland Island and Church Point in Sydney, Australia, Gus the cat beat out the K9 competition.

Druery said: "[Gus has] been swimming since he was about 11 weeks old. He swims with me, he kayaks with me. We treat him like he’s part of our lifestyle.

"For a bit of a laugh we entered Gus in the race and lo and behold he came first in his category."

But it was not a laugh for everyone, with serious dog trainers threatening Gus and his owner, with the pair receiving some colourfully worded death threats, prompting Druery to pull Gus from future events.

He added: "We actually had threats. Gus had threats. One of these local parochial yobbos said he was going to shoot the cat and beat me up if he ever saw us again.

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"Another woman gestured this [mimes slitting throat] and pointed to the cat. I work in politics and I get that sort of nonsense all the time and I can deal with that, but they threaten[ed] my cat, for God’s sake."

A local man, Vinnie, was asked about the cat and his involvement with the race, and appeared to be more than furious with Gus.

He said: "Then you get idiots bringing cats down. It’s just like you’re taking the p***. It's like taking a knife to a gun fight. It's just not gonna work. What are you bringing a cat for mate?"

It would appear Vinnie was wrong though, as Pedestrian reported Gus the cat had in fact won the most recent race he was involved in.

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