Real ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ as animatronic beasts stalk abandoned theme park

An urban explorer had the fright of her life after stumbling upon a deserted mountain amusement park filled with terrifying rotting animatronics like hose seen in the 'Five nights at Freddy's' videogame series.

24-year-old Gaby was exploring the mysterious mountain zone with her boyfriend after reading up on the area.

Once they had trekked to the top of the mountain they were amazed to find the rank remains of a once popular amusement park nestled amongst the trees.

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From the looks of the pictures shared by the pair, the park has long been abandoned with all of the original fittings still remaining.

Chillingly, the pair also stumbled upon a host of rotting, leering animatronics that look like something straight out of a horror film.

Included was a fat creepy pig in a dress, a monkey playing the drums and a wolf playing the guitar.

Gaby explained: “While exploring the location we came across multiple unusual finds, we started at the bottom of the amusement park parking lot and began our journey with a two-hour hike to the top of the property.

"After successfully arriving at the top, we made our way through a clearing which unveiled the main rollercoaster covered in overgrowth.

"We saw the mossy rollercoaster cars which had been docked at the front of the ride since the location's closure.

"We strolled through multiple saloons and eventually found ourselves in the gift shop, there we discovered an untouched box still full of park merchandise including mugs with the location's logo and price tags on them.

"After this section, we progressed to the final portion of the park which housed multiple old animatronics for performances to entertain guests.

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"The animatronics had always been rumoured to be severely unmaintained even during the park's operation, and their appearance certainly reflected that.

"Nearly 10 life-sized farm animal animatronics remained in the room, some still up on display and others wrapped in garbage bags on the floor. This find affected me the most, as I find animatronics to be especially creepy."

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