Mum finally finds missing son after six years as she spots his tattoos on TV

A mother who thought she’d never see her missing son again was amazed to recognise him sleeping rough on the streets due to his signature tattoos.

Following a messy divorce in 2016, Sandra Corato’s son Julio Cesar Corato, 38, vanished on 5th December and was never heard from again.

The Brazilian mum, 59, says that she never gave up home of being reunited with her son and always knew he was alive as the years went by

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And in a spot of divine luck, Sandra happened to be watching a report about rough sleepers in Santos when she saw her son asleep on the road.

She said: "We were watching television when the report started. He was lying down and we recognised him because of his tattoos and his appearance.

"People who are mothers are not mistaken."

After her discovery, the family rushed to Santos to begin their search for Julio however tragically they were unable to find him.

However, after speaking with several of his street friends, Sandra says she is still hopeful of finding him safe and well one day.

Sandra said: "On television, he was thin, but he wasn't bearded and hairy.

"When I was there, some people, who knew him, said, 'He doesn't look like he does in the photo, if you see him, it will be strange. He's thinner, bearded and hairy.

"I have a grandson who is identical to him, just like him. Every time I look at Vinicius it's like I am seeing him. It's a burning desire.

"I miss having Julio close, sitting together, asking him if he loves me. He would always say, 'Mum, no matter how much time goes by, I'll always love you, never forget that.'"

Sandra added: "I want to hug him, kiss him, smell him, even if he stinks, on the street, the way he is. The important thing is that I want him to return because he's my son."

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