Mad Vlad Putin ‘will meet his destiny in 2023,’ Russian astrologer predicts

Russia's despotic, war-obsessed President Vladimir Putin will “meet his destiny in 2023,” a Russian astrologer has claimed.

Since Putin first ordered his troops to invade neighbouring Ukraine in February, he has been dogged by rumours of ill-health and potential assassination attempts – none of which have so far proven to be accurate.

But now it seems that some in Russia are claiming that he is going to succumb sooner rather than later.

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In a bizarre interview with Russian news outlet MK, astrologer Marina Vasilieva has given her predictions for the new year based on Chinese star signs.

Vladimir Putin, 70, was born in 1952 and is therefore a dragon – which has not been given the best outlook for the new year.

Vasilieva pointed out that April, June and September could be “unfavourable” for the leader.

She explained: “It is during these months that one should be careful in making important decisions, carefully weigh and think everything over.

“Dragons need to try to communicate more with positive people and surround themselves only with optimists – this will have a good effect on you and your life.

“You should not feel like a victim, believing that everyone is against it.

“If your relatives complain all the time, then getting involved in their problems too much, succumbing to their negativity, is not recommended.

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“In 2023, lonely Dragons have every chance to meet their destiny – with the strong support of authority figures in 2023, it will be easier for the Dragons to fulfil their dreams.

“However, you still need to act more on your own, and not wait until something happens.”

She also suggested that Putin – or anyone with the dragon star sign – should always “be on the move”, and that business trips and travel are “very desirable and useful”.

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Putin wouldn't have much choice of places to travel, however, unless he fancied a two week break in Iran or North Korea.

Ukraine's President Volodmyr Zelensky was born in 1978, and is a horse.

His star sign has been rated rather favourably.

The astrologer said: “In 2023, a favourable star will shine on the Horse, which means that high-ranking people will come to your aid.

“You will have a chance for a promotion, an increase in your status, which will ultimately lead to happy events.”

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