Brave naked bloke busted would-be thieves before fighting them off in briefs

A construction worker fought off a gang of armed thieves who broke into his house while wearing just his underpants.

Brave Steve Middleton, 50, took on the tooled up trio in the street after finding a young man rummaging through the car in his garage at 4.30am this morning.

He told local media that he was woken up by the noise and went down to the garage, still naked, to inspect what was happening.

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After the intruder ran off, Steve ‘threw on some underpants’ and gave chase, where he battled with the gang, who were armed with baseball bats and knives.

And despite being cut by one of his attackers, he coolly asked cops probing the incident if he could go fishing yet.

He told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “I woke up and saw someone going through the car through the curtains. I just assumed it was my daughter’s partner.

“Then I saw another head pop up on the other side, going through the other car. I was like ‘Oh s**t, we’re being robbed.’

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“I was naked, so I quickly threw some jocks on and ran outside.”

Security camera footage captured the moment Steve chased the weapon-wielding youths outside his home in Gold Coast, Australia.

Wearing just his black undies, he can be seen grabbing one of the youths by the shirt and holding him while another tries hitting him with a bat.

Bare-chested and barefoot, Steve is then seen running after the gang, who retreat before fleeing the scene in two cars.

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Father-of-two Steve added: “Old mate gave me a little nick with his knife.

“The other old mate was swinging at me with a baseball bat, so I was using this little fella as my shield. It’s just something I didn’t expect to wake up to and rip into.

“As soon as the coppers came through and took the report I said ‘Am I right to go fishing yet?’

“But we still had to wait for forensics to come through and do the fingerprints.”

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