‘Drunk’ Santas inside army tank cause total chaos as they storm Brit village

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    A group of boozy Santas found themselves on the naughty list when they tried to drive a tank through a tiny festive village.

    Several people filmed the hilarious scene which shows the festive group struggling to move their Army vehicle and being told off for trying to drive it through the narrow streets of Angarrack.

    Residents of the quaint Cornish village were fuming when the enormous metal beast got stuck and blocked access to streets, famed for their Christmas lights.

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    The group of military re-enactors descended upon the village dressed as Santa Claus in a vintage armoured personnel carrier.

    Cornwall Livereported that a traffic warden could be heard telling the Santas off.

    "You cannot come in with your tank. There are cars parked there," the warden told the Santa tank driver, pointing towards the centre of the village. "You are not going to get through."

    One of the Santas – not the driver – who is visibly drunk, argues with the traffic warden about being allowed into the village. There was no suggestion that the driver had been drinking.

    Devon and Cornwall Policeconfirmed they attended the scene, but no arrests were made.

    "Well that was eventful," one woman commented on social media.

    "An army tank, yes an actual Army tank driven by several inebriated Santas trying to get to the pub in Angarrack who got stuck on the way."

    Another person joked: "I have seen it all now. A tank being driven by several Santas tried to drive into Angarrack, got wedged and blocked the entrance to the village."

    Many people posted videos of the havoc which shows the tank scraping past a car parked on the street.

    "That’s why we couldn’t drive into Angarrack," another person said while another replied "we were there when the police arrived and they shut the road shortly after. Bet you never guessed that was the reason though."

    The tank full of Santas was also spotted earlier in the day in other towns in west Cornwall includingSt Ives ,HelstonandRedruth .

    Lisa Charrd, who filmed the Santas and their tank in St Ives, said: "There was a group of Santas in the tank and they were all very friendly and full of Christmas joy.

    "They allowed people to take photos and let kids have a look inside, everyone loved it. They were lovely chaps who had lots of time for the kids."

    One Redruth resident was not so pleased however, saying: "They churned up all the pavement in Redruth this morning (Thursday December 22). I had to report it to the council."

    Gail Willis, who witnessed the incident in Angarrack, contactedCornwallLivesaying the issue had been made worse because of parked cars along the road into the village when the parish council had asked visitors enjoying the famous lights to park on the industrial estate down the hill.

    A spokesman forDevon and Cornwall Policeconfirmed that one car had been damaged by the tank, saying: "Officers attended the scene to assist. Vehicle details were exchanged. No arrests were carried out."

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