Woman fakes her death by posting ‘corpse’ pics on Facebook to avoid paying debt

A woman who owed a large sum of money tried to wiggle out of the debt by announcing her own death on her daughter’s Facebook, and even uploaded a photo of herself in a “shroud” to make the deception more convincing.

The woman, from Medan in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, had apparently promised to pay the money back by November 20, but when the deadline came and went she asked for an extension – saying she’d hand the money back by December 6.

And soon after that, with the debt still outstanding – the woman wrote a post on her daughter’s Facebook page that said she had died in an accident.

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The post said that she had died in an accident that happened on a bridge near her home and that her body would be buried in the hardline muslim Indonesian province Aceh.

Pictures from her daughter’s Facebook page show photos of the “corpse” wrapped in a sheet, together with a photo of a body-bag being wheeled on a hospital trolley that appears to have been taken from a TV show

Unfortunately for the “dead” woman – whose name is only being given as “L,” her daughter – Najwa Almira Ginting – later admitted the truth, saying that her mum was still very much alive and had only faked her death to avoid repaying what she owed.

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She has asked that her mum can be forgiven for the outrageous deception.

The money which is owed to another Indonesian woman, Maya Gunawan, remains outstanding.

It’s not been a great few months for people trying to fake their own deaths. Nicholas Rossi, who was wanted on sexual assault charges in the USA, claimed he had died in 2020 and fled to Scotland.

Unfortunately, a man answering Rossi’s description was admitted to a Glasgow hospital suffering from Covid-19 and on November 11, Edinburgh Sheriff Court found him to be Rossi, a man the US authorities have been seeking in relation to two rape allegations and one of sexual assault.


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