Doctor proves controversial Liver King’s abs are not fake with simple test

A bodybuilder dubbed ‘Liver King’ for his fascination with eating raw beef liver and bone marrow has earnt his rock-hard abdominals through hard work and not plastic surgery, a top doctor reckons.

Influencer Brian Johnson maintains an impressive physique through his unconventional lifestyle, that previously saw him slammed by his fans on TikTok and Instagram for munching on a heart.

The eccentric bloke has long claimed his "ancestral lifestyle" has enabled him to maintain his impressive build.

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But earlier this month, the dad-of-two was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs by another bodybuilder, who claimed to have accessed leaked emails allegedly sent by Johnson that showed the extent of his steroid use.

It led to claims that his muscular frame might not be as real as it seems – and now, a top medic has weighed in on the row to rubbish the claims he has had plastic surgery.

In a video posted online, Dr Daniel Barrett could be seen inspecting the bloke’s abdominals and pointing out that they look slightly different on either side – which is apparently a good sign.

He explained: "If these were abdominal implants,both sides would look like this. So you can see how it's different shaped."

As the Liver King then moves the weight he is holding from one hand to another, his abs visibly clench up on the other side.

Dr Barret added: "Now you can see the definition over here, but you don't see it over here. If he had implants, that would be all the way across."

The Liver King has previously credited his transition to a muscleman on a rough childhood.

He explained: “My life was a living hell for most of my adolescent years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I looked funny. I didn't have a single friend and I had absolutely no concept of self-worth.

"Without my dad, I had to figure a way out of that hellhole that was my life and I did. I got to work. I got strong."

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