Astrid Wett’s racy ‘DM pics’ offer backfires as fans baffled by ‘long toes’

Top Brit Only Fans star Astrid Wett made an offer her army of social media fans couldn't refuse – but the response was probably not what she was expecting.

Blonde beauty Wett, who once backed out of an influencer boxing match with fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke just a few weeks prior, told her fans to “like” a very naked picture of her on Twitter so that she could “dm you pics like this”.

And while it got more than 490 retweets and 12,000 likes, a very specific part of her body sparked confusion with her many of her more than 328k followers.

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No, it wasn't what you'd expect, because it was in fact her feet that confused her fans.

One user posted a close up of her feet, where the second toe on both sides appears to be WAY longer than all the other toes.

“Why is your toes giving me the finger?,” one asked.

And another posted that they looked like “f**ked up monster munch”.

A third, when asked why they were looking at her feet and not other certain body parts, wrote: “They're out nearly everyday pal, chill out.”

But it appears that Astrid's toes have been a source of chatter online for a long time, because in April this year, one fan wrote that it was “time to start a convo over Astrid's weird a*s toes.”

Despite having . . . odd toes . . . it hasn't stopped her having sex in random places.

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The Only Fans star took to TikTok to reveal her saucy secrets, writing: "Rating places I've done it but it gets progressively worse."

Top of her list was a car, which received an impressive nine out of 10 because it was "a big Audi so [there was] lots of room" but "nothing special."

Next was a tent at a festival, which received a seven.

The blonde bombshell confessed that "people could see in," but added that the "airbed bumps it up".

She gave her romp in the ladies' toilets of a nightclub a five, claiming she got caught in the act while in there and that it "smelt awful and the floor was wet."

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Astrid also revealed she had joined the infamous mile-high club – but said the experience wasn't worth it, giving it an unimpressive three out of 10.

"Toilets are TINY," she explained.

"Got dirty looks for the rest of the flight. Very overrated."

Coming in last in her list was a football stadium for the Chelsea-mad fan, which received a measly one out of 10.

"Had way too much to drink. England scored during so wasn't worth it. Don't remember much," Astrid added.

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